Principal Desk

Dear Students, 
Education is the process of continuous learning and improvement. Today the world economy is experiencing an unprecedented change. In the current scenario, students should be trained up with professional qualities apart from book education. New developments in professional education and the ever intensifying competitive environment are revolutionizing the education scene. Hard work and commitment are essential to achieve their goals.
With the prime objective of providing skill oriented and professional education of international quality, at Siddhant Institute of Management Studies, we nurture professionalism apart from bookish education. We also aim at improving student’s practical knowledge from our various corporate tie-ups.
Efforts of the Siddhant Group of Institutions are guided by an Advisory Board consisting of eminent professional personalities from Academia, Industry, Universities, Corporate houses and other bodies. We intend to develop these institutions into premier institutions of the country which groom students into world class professionals.

Dr. Sagar O. Manjare
MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D, UGC-NET